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Cynosure Care Services specializes in lymphatic drainage massage in the New Orleans and Atlanta areas, providing guests with a space for healing after cosmetic surgery in a tranquil and luxurious environment.

CynosurE CarE


You did it!!!! After months or years of research and planning, your surgery date is finally here. But it does not end at this point. Cynosure Care is the next step in ensuring your results reach their optimal potential. We provide post-operative care tailored specifically to you in an environment that feels like a luxurious vacation with pain management, massage therapy, and wound care. Your job is to heal, we handle the rest!


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post-operative CarE

Our packages are tailored to your specific needs giving your healing journey a safe, stress-free, and discrete experience. Our post-operative services, which a board-certified registered nurse provides, ensure your comfort and appropriate recommend treatments during recovery. 

IV hydration Therapy

Experience faster relief and eliminate wasted downtime with our IV hydration therapy, tailored to each client for a personalized session delivering precise doses of essential nutrients, and restoring your body to optimal well-being.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massages are diverse, offering a wide range of benefits. Employing various techniques, we utilize lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling, decrease pain, decrease healing time, remove waste and toxins as well as sculpt and tone the body. 

prE-Operative PlanNing

All clients will receive assistance from our staff to coordinate recovery care location setup, medication reconciliation, transportation, and other services.

What our ClIents Say

"I am so grateful to the team at Cynosure Care for helping me heal after my surgery. The lymphatic drainage massage was incredibly effective, the whole experience was so great. Thank you!"
Amber H.

Discover the Post-operative CarE service that's rIght For You.

 For assistance coordinating your services, please call us or click the link below.


We have New Orleans and Atlanta locations to accommodate our guests throughout your healing journey following cosmetic surgery.

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